Protect your USB ports so nobody gets information from your PC


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MyUSBonly is a tool designed to block your USB ports so that nobody else can use their flash drive in your computer and take information without your permission. So, you can only connect the devices that you've previously authorized.

The app uses a peripheral certification system and it's a great way to keep people from stealing documents from your PC. MyUSBonly runs in the background of your computer to record all of the activity that your USB ports see without letting other users know it's doing so.

The program is very easy to use. You just have to set a password to access MyUSBonly and authorize the flash drives that you want to allow. In addition, you can also prevent other USB devices from connecting to your PC if they don't enter the correct password.

This app is very useful for a workplace setting to prevent employees or students from taking information that shouldn't leave the office or the classroom.

27 day trial.

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